1201 New York Avenue

  • 1201 New York Ave is as transformative as it is transforming

    A place made for building connections and bringing people together, Pembroke is transforming 1201 New York Ave to create an engaging community for DC’s new generation of visionaries. Renovations include the addition of a new, dual-level lobby and fully-glazed atrium, a next-level fitness center, a 15,000 sq ft rooftop terrace and conference center, and impressive exterior glazing that enhances views from the building’s generous setback.


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444,000 sq ft
41,290 sq m

13 stories of unique floorplates with multiple cores and ample natural light allow for high-density use.  

A full-height atrium brings light deep into the building interiors.  

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The recently completed 6,000 sq ft fitness center takes workplace workouts to a whole new level, providing Wellbeats technology and cutting-edge equipment to tenants.

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